DeeTaleZ has dolly!

TUNE Good morning. I’ve another awesome news for you today! Steffi Villota just released for her brand DeeTaleZ a new and lovely skin, well actually two new skins. I’m talking about Dolly 1 and Dolly 2, I love them both, they look so soft and naturals. The texture is so high-quality and the skins comes in different make ups and lot of add-on to make yourself unique and special.
In the folder you’ll find eyes (so realistic! go check it here Steffi Villota’s Flickr Photostream), shape, freckles, different eyebrow colors, eyeliners, cleavage enhancer for big and small breast, and other layers to make your nose pointy or your eyes big. It totally deserve to have a look. Oh and for the big boobies lovers there is an applier for lolas tangos breast implants waiting for you.
Here you can see one example for Dolly 1 and one for Dolly 2, there are so many different skin tones to choose from. Go check it out, now!

I’m also wearing

EYES : .ID. Glimmer Contacts new for The Arcade Gatcha Event
EARRINGS : [ glow ] studio – Juicy Gems Earrings new for The Arcade Gatcha Event

Thank you so much to Steffi Villota (DeeTaleZ), Audrey Lamede (ID), Jocelyn Anatine (glow).

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